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7 Quickbooks Tips

Quickbooks Consultant

Quickbooks Consultant

1.)    Memorize Transactions: QuickBooks will memorize your common transactions to recreate in the future.  Memorize transactions you do repeatedly and monthly bills.

2.)    Data Base Ctrl-F =Find: This feature in QuickBooks is the best. This allows search on every field transaction amounts, check numbers, accounts, items, etc.  The combinations are endless and will get you where you want to be much faster than scrolling through an account register.

3.)    Add/Edit Multiple List Entries: The is feature permits entering multiple customers, vendors and items.  A nice cut and paste form excel.

4.)    Batch Invoicing: Manage invoicing the same amounts for fees to various customers every month?  This works great for company’s that charge subscriptions, service fees etc. This can time.

5.)    Customized The Icon Bar: When the icon bar is customized there is one click access to your most frequently used reports, transaction types and reminders.

6.)    Online Banking: This is an opportunity. Reduce data entry and some things automatically default to the correct accounts, you just review and post.  Online banking automatically matches up these transactions to ensure you aren’t double posting anything.

7.)    Emailing Invoices: Still printing, addressing, and stamping all those invoices? Many customers these days prefer to have paperless billing and it can save you hours! Simply click the to be emailed box on your invoices as you enter them, enter all your invoices, then send the whole batch in just a couple of clicks.  The invoices are automatically attached to each individual email as a PDF document, and you can customize the template email however you like.  In the customer center, setup the preferred send method to specify which customers prefer paper or emailed invoices for quick processing.

Quickbooks Consultant

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