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American Taxpayer Relief Act Has Extenders


Fiscal Cliff

American Taxpayer Relief Act Has Extenders


This article highlights some interesting parts of the recent legislation. We hope the commentary below


is helpful and easy-to-understand.


Individual Tax Provisions


Exclusion Of Cancellation Of Indebtedness On Principal Residence- Cancellation of indebtedness income


is includible in income, unless a particular exclusion applies. This provision excludes from income


cancellation of mortgage debt on a principal  residence of up $2 million. The American Taxpayer Relief


Act extends the provision for one year, through 2013.




Mortgage Insurance Premiums-This provision treats mortgage insurance premiums as deductible


interest that is qualified residence interest. The American Taxpayer Relief Act extends this provision


through December 31, 2013. The provision originally expired after 2011.  This provision provides an


additional itemized deduction by treating mortgage insurance premiums as deductible qualified


residence interest.




Business Tax Provisions


There are some popular but temporary tax extenders relating to businesses included in the American


Taxpayer Relief Act. Among them are Code Sec. 179 small business expensing and bonus depreciation.




Code Sec. 179 Small Business Expensing- The Act extends through 2013 enhanced Code Sec. 179  small


business expensing. The Code Sec. 179 dollar limit for tax years 2012 and 2013 is $500,000 with a $2


million investment limit. Without the American Taxpayer Relief Act, the Code Sec. 179 dollar


dollar limit for tax years beginning in 2012 would have been $125,000 (subject to  inflation adjustment)


with a $500,000 investment limit (again, subject to inflation adjustment).




Bonus Depreciation- The Act extends 50 percent bonus depreciation through  2013.  Some


transportation and longer period production property is eligible for 50 percent bonus depreciation


through 2014.


Bonus depreciation has been used as an economic stimulus in many tax bills in recent years. One


Hundred percent bonus depreciation generally expired at the end of 2011.


To be eligible for bonus depreciation, qualified property must be “Brand New” or “First Use”




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